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There is a new title called Kosciuszko – A Great National Park.We've attached a summary of the book. The price is $75 (+$20p&P)

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18 May 2020

Kosciuszko: A Great National Park

“NPA welcomes today’s release of a monumental tome on one of Australia’s natural wonders – Kosciuszko National Park” says Gary Dunnett, Executive Officer of the National Parks Association of NSW.

The new book examines the history of the Snowy Mountains and tells the story of how Kosciuszko National Park, against the odds, was established and protected for all Australians to enjoy.

‘Kosciuszko: A Great National Park’ covers the transformation, from exploitation of the mountains for mining, logging, grazing and tourism developments to a focus on protection and conservation.

The authors are protected area specialist, Dr Graeme Worboys, and historian, Deirdre Slattery. Dr Worboys commented that “the book examines the characters, movement and vision that witnessed one of Australia’s natural jewels protected as a National Park for future generations. Active management of the Park restored soil erosion and protected water catchments to benefit the high mountain’s priceless water yield for the Murray Darling Basin”. He added “it has been a privilege for Deirdre and I to compile this story for an area we both cherish and we hope it will inspire future generations to continue to protect these special mountains”.

“This book demonstrates the unparalleled legacy of Kosciuszko and celebrates the vision of those who sought to protect its natural and cultural wonders. Our forebears created the opportunity for Australia to treasure our alpine landscapes, and it is up to us to honour their vision by nurturing the Park for future generations”, Mr Dunnett concluded.


Dr Graeme Worboys, Honorary Associate Professor, Fenner School, Australian National University

0419 163 126




This book tells the story of one of Australia’s natural wonders,

Kosciuszko National Park. A National Heritage–listed treasure, the park

is the home of the mainland’s highest mountains, past glaciation sites, limestone caves,

fields of summer wildflowers and alpine animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth. It is the headwater catchments of the Murray, Murrumbidgee and Snowy Rivers. It is much loved by more than 2 million visitors annually who enjoy its natural and cultural history, its snowfields, walking, riding and sightseeing.

Kosciuszko: A Great National Park traces the aspirations of adventurers, settlers, scientists, graziers, miners, timber cutters, dam constructors, conservation groups, recreationists and tourism operators. While some visions were utilitarian and exploitative, others recognised the mountains’ exceptional aesthetic, natural and cultural values. Although the mountains’ value for resource extraction became entrenched, concern over accelerating ecological decline and desire for protection

as a land use also increased. Grazing overuse in drought and the severe erosion of the high mountain catchments triggered a disaster and a turning point: political intervention and land use change. Kosciusko State Park was established in 1944.

The struggle to manage these outstanding lands and their precious water catchments, to promote their natural value and to protect the park from hungry eyes is a grand story. It is a story of how our society transformed its view of its most important water catchment from use for wealth creation to conservation. This change has been hard won and owes its success to scientists and those who listened to them. Their work to establish better understanding of unique Australian mountain soils, vegetation and catchments is little known or understood.

The evolution of a professional park service helped shape protected area land use in Australia. This book celebrates 75 years of park management at Kosciuszko; it recognises many individuals who made a difference to its conservation and reflects on opportunities for improved management for the future. This peer-reviewed 450-page, full colour, illustrated book

with a detailed chronology benefited from five years of research and development and inputs from multiple interviewees. It is a must-read for lovers of the mountains and nature and the millions who depend on the water generated in these mountain catchments.

ISBN: 9780858812567

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NEW BOOK by Klaus Hueneke:


Hermit, Healer & High Country Legend

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Klaus and Patricia Hueneke

Klaus Hueneke (OM) has been producing and selling books on the High Country Huts, the Australian Alps, Canberra and the South Coast for about 30 years and has sold many copies around the mountains, in Canberra and in Australia. Patricia Hueneke manages this online bookshop.

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All five of Klaus Hueneke's books

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AUSTRALIAN ALPS by Deirdre Slattery

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THE SILVER BRUMBY Centenary Edition

Elyne Mitchell


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WOODLAND FLORA - a Field Guide for the Sth Tablelands ($40)

Exploring the Jagungal Wilderness - Robert Green ($30)

Klaus Hueneke on the South Coast of NSW

Volume 2 of my coastal adventures

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This book contains observations of wildlife, people and places interwoven with aspects of natural history, ecology and geography.

It is based on first hand experiences from numerous camping, walking and kayaking trips along the South Coast of NSW.


A String of Pearls


Klaus Hueneke

$40 ( +$15 p&p)

A photographic journey from Jervis Bay to Eden - on

e of the most stunning natural coastal areas in the world. It has many strings of pearls- original wilderness, tall forests, sheltered beaches, lakes and lagoons, creeks and rivers, sacred sites, camping grounds, lighthouses....

This book depicts images by Klaus Hueneke as he explores the magic and natural beauty of this region.


Two South Coast books

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Exploring A Wild Australian Coast


A String of Pearls

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3 Books by Alan Andrews

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